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su ann says hi

lee su ann.
your typical girl next door. i'm not perfect, and i don't think anybody is, but i'm me, and that's all i need to me.'m not one to start conversations, i'm a pessimist and an introvert. i guess that doesn't make me sociable does it? but i can be really hyper and friendly if you get to know me! (: so don't judge me if you don't know me. ♥

oh and did i mention? i love im yoona! :D


charmaine darrell dorothy :3 eunmi jocelyn! julie karen kash manita! :D mannling natasha nicole. reena! :3 sherrie
20110514 @ 8:40 PM
Why is it just my love that is hard, while others' all seem like a perfect fairytale?
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Why? STRESSSTRESSSTRESS. because the world is beautiful new layout!~ saengil chuka hamnida! you belong with me. whee! SIGHS AND GASPS. higuys. :3 omg jonghyun